At this point, you should be ready to actually begin building the real web site. It's worth noting that this is the step where a lot of people BEGIN their process! You are way ahead of them! You can rest assured your web site stands a much better chance at success than those sites created by plunging feet first into the design and production stage. (Again, this is why I under-emphasized both content and design in this process).

Why do I say the final product will never actually be done?

Keep in mind the internet almost always requires FRESH CONTENT on every successful Web site! You must be prepared to give people reasons to keep coming back to your site! There are exceptions to this rule, of course. For example, this very site is designed so that I don't need to update it very often, and the content here should remain fresh. I tried to go by the example set by Jesse James Garrett's book, The Elements of User Experience (New Riders, 2011) to create a work whose information would, for the most part, stay relevant, even as technological advances continually improve upon the building tools at our disposal for building Web sites. This book was also a valuable resource to me in creating this site.

Here are some useful resources (at this writing, anyway) for actually building the Web site, if you decide to do the actual work yourself. (If you'd rather hire someone, I'm available.) GOOD LUCK!

Two References for XHTML

Two References for CSS

Two References for Color and Design

Two References for Copyright-Free Images